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  • In any emergency, it’s easy to find yourself feeling panic, confusion, or a number of other symptoms that can make it hard to concentrate, remember your training, and act swiftly and appropriately.
  • To aid in the rescue process and help ensure a proper SCA emergency rescue effort takes place by anyone available, ZOLL created Real CPR Help®.
  • One-piece electrode with built-in Real CPR Help® technology that provides real-time feedback on the quality of compressions.
  • First Responder Kit is also included with the CPR-D-padz.
  • Unique one piece design aids easy placement on the chest,  in a way that the pads can be places quickly and properly
  • Accelerometer is built into pads to measure rate and depth of compressions
  • Adjustable electrode allows for positioning on larger/overweight patients
  • Suitable for people aged 8 and over
  • 5-year shelf life