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Safetyware (Blue) 3-Ply Premium Medical Face Mask I BFE ≥99% PFE ≥99% | ASTM 2 I No Graphene

RM 15.90
Safetyware (Blue) 3-Ply Premium Medical Face Mask I BFE ≥99% PFE ≥99% | ASTM 2 I No Graphene Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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🛡️ Welcome to Safetyware Official Store! Your Safety is Our Commitment.

⭐️ Benefits:
Suitable for Sensitive Skin
Provides Highest Protection from Viruses, Bacteria, and Germs!
Soft & Comfortable
Safetyware face masks are registered with MDA Malaysia, HSA Singapore, and TGA Australia

🌟 Key Features:
Filtration Efficiency; BFE: ≥ 99%, PFE: ≥ 99%
ASTM Level II F2101
EN Type-IIR Certified
Hypoallergenic (unlikely to cause allergic responses)
Low Breathing Resistance
Adaptable Nose Bar
No Graphene
Perfect Fitting
UV Sanitized
3-Ply with Earloop Style
Packaging: 50pcs/box
Size: 17.5cm x 9.5cm
Color: Blue

🔬 Material:
Outer Layer: 25gsm Hydrophobic Non-Woven Spunbond PP
Middle Layer: 25gsm Meltblown Polypropylene
Inner Layer: 25gsm Hydrophilic Non-Woven Spunbond PP
Stay Safe and Protected with Safetyware Face Masks! 😷🌐

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