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Safetyware 2 Layer Washable Fabric Face Mask I Head Loop I Reusable I BFE > 96.9%

RM 1.00
Safetyware 2 Layer Washable Fabric Face Mask I Head Loop I Reusable I BFE > 96.9% Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Welcome to Safetyware Official Store!
We strive to provide our customers a piece of mind with integrated Safety and Healthy products, we guarantee 100% authenticity of our products in our company official Store. This is our Responsibility & Care to all our Shopee customers!

- Benefits:
⭐️ BFE > 96.9%
⭐️ Useful for double mask practise!

- Features:
✅ Made with liquid repellent Polyester outer fabric ( Hydrophobic) which provides effective protection against liquid droplets and splashes.
✅ Combination with soft Poly Cotton inner fabric ( Hydrophilic) provide basic protection against nuisance dusts & absorb fluids.
✅ Helps to provide a better hygiene as it prevents contamination from droplets of the user.
✅ Reusable and can be washed for at least 50 times using mild soap and water.
✅ Material:
Outer fabric : Polyester
Inner fabric : Poly Cotton
✅ Size:
S: 190 mm (W) x 120 mm (H)
M: 220 mm (W) x 130 mm (H)
L: 240 mm (W) x 140 mm (H)
** Tolerance level ±5 mm
✅ Testing Method: ASTM F2101
✅ Color: Grey
✅ Head Loop

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