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🌟 Introducing PORTWEST Hand Wipes 🌟

Say goodbye to stubborn wet paint, oily residue, grease, and grime with these versatile wipes! 🖐️🔧🧼

🔬 Boasting powerful antibacterial action, these wipes are your go-to defense against E. coli, Salmonella, MRSA, Listeria, and Weil's Disease. 🦠🚫

🌿 Worried about your skin's well-being? Fear not! PORTWEST Hand Wipes are dermatologically tested, ensuring gentle care for your hands. 👩‍⚕️🤚

🍊 Infused with a delightful orange fragrance, these wipes not only clean but leave behind a refreshing scent. 🍊🌬️

🧼 Perfectly sized at 266mm x 264mm, these wipes are designed for use on hands, tools, and surfaces, making them an indispensable companion in your cleaning arsenal. 📏✨

🏆 Meeting EN 12054 and EN 1276 standards, these wipes are your trusted partner for hygiene and cleanliness. 💪🏅

PORTWEST Hand Wipes: Your all-in-one solution for cleanliness, protection, and a burst of citrusy freshness! 🧡✨👌