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Blue Eagle Ear Plug | High Quality | Reusable Ear Plug | Fit to All Ear Canals | 1 pair

RM 1.90
Blue Eagle Ear Plug | High Quality | Reusable Ear Plug | Fit to All Ear Canals | 1 pair Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Blue Eagle Earplugs 

Standards: EN352-2, ANSI S3.19 

SNR (dB): 29 NRR (dB): 25

Color: Blue

Material: TPE


Five-Flange Comfort Seal: Our unique five-flange design ensures a snug, comfortable fit within the ear canal, offering unmatched comfort throughout the day.

Effortless Insertion & Removal: Equipped with a sturdy stem, these earplugs are designed for easy insertion and removal, making them user-friendly for everyone.

Universal Fit: Designed to accommodate nearly every user, these earplugs provide a comfortable and secure fit, ensuring effective noise protection for all.

Economical Choice: These reusable earplugs are not only durable but also cost-effective. Unlike single-use options, they can be used repeatedly until wear and tear appear, offering significant savings over time.

Enhanced Noise Protection: Tailored for environments with medium to high noise levels, these earplugs deliver superior protection, keeping your hearing safe without compromising on comfort.


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